Need Help?


How Our Process Works


Love INC maintains a current list of available church ministries, community resources and agencies that may be able to help you in your current situation. You may call the Love INC Clearinghouse at (740) 382-3340 to talk with a volunteer or schedule an appointment to come in, or you can walk-in to work with someone who can help you determine which agencies may be of help to you.

1. Receive request for help.

Requests are received either directly from a person in need or the person in need is referred to the Love INC office by a network church or local agency.

2. Assess the need.

Specially trained Love INC volunteers or staff screen the request for extent of need and legitimacy, and discover any deeper issues fueling the crisis.

3. Provide help.

The request is referred to the most appropriate Love INC partner church, agency, or organization. Volunteers swing into action, providing whatever resources or outreach programs are appropriate to address the need(s).

4. Follow up.

Volunteers follow up to ensure the need was met and to offer prayer and spiritual support from churches. Love INC offers assistance to anyone in the community who is in need.