Love INC’s Frequently Asked Questions

Please call Love INC at the number above or email mail@loveincmarion.org for further details.

  1. What is Love INC?

    The short answer is it is a cooperative effort of local churches that strives to make a lasting impact on individuals, families and children in need. Love INC does not stand for Love, Incorporated. Rather, it stands for Love In the Name of Christ.

  2. Why is “In the Name of Christ” part of the name?

    In the Name of Christ is the best part! As a ministry, we are a greatly effective church-networker and local ministry that makes a great difference in meeting the needs and improving lives throughout our ministry area. And, beyond that, we are able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in all we do!

    Sometimes Christ is shared by the deeds and the help which we provide, and many times Christian volunteers are able to share the message of salvation that is available for all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Love INC is much more than helping people with “stuff” – we are all about helping Christians live out their faith and touching people’s lives for Jesus Christ!

  3. How long has Love INC been around?

    The Love INC concept was first developed in 1977 in Holland, Michigan. The concept was created to help churches be more effective in meeting needs. The Love INC of Marion County started in 1991. There are over 150 Love INC ministries in over 30 states and another one starting up in Kenya.

  4. How does Love INC work?

    Love INC takes a “clearinghouse” approach. All resources and calls for help are funneled through our local Clearinghouse. Here requests are screened and matched with the most appropriate sources for help.

  5. Why does Love INC work?

    There is an untapped army of volunteers in local churches who are ready, willing, and able to build relationships with those in need. Love INC gives safe, manageable, and specific opportunities to put their Christian faith and love to work.

  6. Why do churches need Love INC?

    Jesus gave his followers the commandment to love one another. Love INC helps churches turn that love into action. Many people never find an appropriate place to serve within their church. Love INC encourages individuals to contribute the particular work or resource that best suits their gifts, talents and times. Time and again, volunteers tell how this type of service to others enriches and changes their lives.

    Love INC screens requests for help as to nature, extent, and legitimacy and prevents church duplication of existing services already available in the community.

    Love INC enables churches to assist those outside of their own congregation and enables churches to be good stewards of church resources. 

    Love INC offers a unified witness of God’s love to the community as Christian churches work together in the name of Christ.

  7. Why do communities need Love INC?

    Private and government agencies provide many services, but they are not adequate to meet today’s growing demands of needs.  One church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues of poverty. It takes churches working together, across denominational lines, to meet these multifaced needs. Love INC’s network of resources, skills and volunteers helps close the gaps. Love INC’s relational model¸ which includes life skills instruction, friendship and coaching seeks to promote independence from the cash assistance programs that are so costly to communities.

    Love INC shows the love of Jesus Christ and brings help and hope to those in need in our community.

  8. Do churches with differing doctrines participate in the same network?

    Yes. As a matter of fact, Love INC currently has over 60 Christian denominations participating nationwide. Do you believe God calls your church to minister to those in need in your community? Are there individuals in your congregation who want to be involved in ministry? Churches that answer “Yes” to these basic questions are on common ground and that’s enough to begin a successful collaboration.

  9. How is Love INC funded?

    Love In the Name of Christ is primarily funded by donations and contributions from area churches, businesses, and individuals. Love INC continues to depend on financial gifts and grants from a wide variety of donors to meet the needs and help in many ways.

  10. What are some ways Love INC helps to meet needs?

    Over the years, Love INC has been watching carefully to see where there are gaps in services and in meeting needs. As a result, Love INC helps in many different ways in the Marion area. Some of the ministries in place include help with: food, clothing, furniture, transportation, medical needs, baby items, school supplies, household repairs, and more.